Comprehensive Academic Thesis Writing Module for English Major Undergraduates in a Public University in China


  • Gao Jing
  • Lin Siew Eng


academic thesis writing; empirical research; experiential learning; grading criteria; thematic analysis


In response to the challenges in enhancing English major undergraduates’ academic thesis writing and research capabilities, particularly in writing empirical research-based theses, this study addresses the current deficiencies in English academic thesis writing instruction. The current course in Chinese universities cannot offer sufficient information for Chinese graduates to participate in international graduate programs and publication. This study aimed to develop the English Academic Thesis Writing Module (EATWM) for English major undergraduates of a public university in China and to determine the participants’ performance after completing it. The theoretical foundation of this study was based on Dewey’s learning by doing theory and Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle. The study employed a mixed-methods design involving three stages: module development, validity and reliability assessment, and performance analysis. The prototype EATWM was designed and developed using the ADDIE model. Through the pilot study, the content validity and reliability of the EATWM were verified, and 20 participants’ theses were marked by 3 inter-raters to calculate the inter-rater reliability. In the main study, 70 participants’ academic thesis writing performance and interview responses were analyzed. The analysis of the participants’ feedback highlights benefits gained by using the module, challenges faced in academic thesis writing, solutions to address challenges using the module, and suggestions for module improvement. These results indicate that the module succeeds in facilitating students to write an English academic thesis. The EATWM benefits teachers by including sections that are not in the current syllabus and helps students better adapt to the international education system and publication context.


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